Our Story

A 1,300-feet mechanical business
was established by Bolali Adam in Manchester
and bore the name of Bolali.

Bolali made technical improvements and launched the company's first manual washing machine for the thriving textile industry in Manchester.

Bolali's first gas stove went on sale. This product was called Home Fairy and well-received among the nobility due to its ingenious design and advanced technology. Home Fairy became an exclusive kitchen appliance brand for the British peerages in the same year.

Bolali released its first refrigerator.

Bolali introduced Home Fairy into the market and positioned it as an affordable luxury brand favoured by the peerage.

A new plant was completed. A range of household appliances entered the market, such as ovens, dish washers, ranges, gas stoves, electric stoves, ice shavers, bread makers and coffer makers.

Bolali and Home Fairy began to expand its global footprint beyond Europe and have had a presence in the US, Canada, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia, serving more consumers around the world.